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Traffic & Weather

The best Traffic and Weather Reports are on WTOP (103.5 FM) or www.WTOP.com and WNEW (99.1 FM) or www.WNEW.com. They cover the entire Metro area EVERY 10 minutes (WTOP) and EVERY 5 minutes during rush-hours (WNEW) with both Traffic and Weather. You may also want to check out the site www.TrafficLand.com to view their traffic cameras. In Virginia you can find out about traffic issues and sign-up for automatic updates by visiting www.511Virginia.org or by calling them at 511. You can also search www.VaMegaProjects.com for more information about road construction on Interstates 66, 95, 395, and 495.


METRO Subway System

We call our Subway system “The Metro,” and it is fully integrated with all of the area bus systems as well. If you want to find out which Bus or Subway (or combination of both) to take from your home to work and then back again, go to www.MetroOpensDoors.com. Or, you may call them at 202-637-7000; their hours are Monday through Friday, 6am-8:30pm and Saturday through Sunday, 7am-8:30pm. The shorter link is www.wmata.com. The subway portion of our transportation system is called METRO rail and the bus portion is referred to as METRO bus; together they are “METRO Bus and Rail.”


The Local Interstate Highways

The Interstate Highway that encircles the city of Washington, DC is called the “Beltway.” It is a bypass for I-95, which runs from Maine to Florida. Although all of the Beltway may be referred to as I-495, about 1/3 of it is also referred to as I-95. The Beltway intersects with I-66 and I-95 in VA, and I-270 and I-95 in MD.


Rush “Hour”

In the morning, Rush Hour starts around 6:30am and finishes around 10:30am. The evening Rush Hour starts around 3:30pm and ends around 7pm. However, from mid-May to the week after Labor Day, the evening Rush Hour starts at 2:00pm and finishes at roughly 7:30pm. On Fridays during the summer, Rush Hour starts before noon, and sometimes the weekend rush will begin on Thursday. Remember, the evening Rush Hour starts moving from Downtown DC and radiates outwards. Thus, in Downtown DC, the outward-moving Rush Hour is usually over by 6pm. To use ANY Express Lanes, you will need to get an EZ Pass from www.EZPassVA.com . Visit www.ExpressLanes.com for I-95 and Beltway Express Lane updates.

Transportation & Basic Information for the Washington Metro Area

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New to the area? Check out these helpful tips for navigating with as little hassle as possible. Rush hour traffic may be as certain as death and taxes, but there's no reason to not be prepared for it!

Commuting Options & Help


Here are many great resources for commuting in the greater DC region:


1. Car Pools - Construction updates, etc.



2. Metro - The place for using our Subway + Bus system



3. Virginia Railway Express - Manassas & Fredericksburg train schedules.



4. ART Bus - The ultimate site for DC area commuting.



5. Omniride - A great Prince William county commuter resource.



6. DASH - Alexandria’s city’s own bus and trolley system.



7. Telework VA - All you’ll ever need to know about teleworking.



8. Fairfax Connector - Fairfax County’s own system



9. Bicycling - Best list of bike trails for the entire DC area.



10. MD Transportation - All of Maryland’s commuter information and options:


Fill Those Potholes Now


You can notify the various governmental entities listed below to smooth out your ride:


Alexandria: 703-746-4488


Arlington County: http://Topics.ArlingtonVa.us/ReportProblem


DC: 202-737-4404 x 1 or call 311 while physically in DC


Fairfax City: 703-385-7980


Fairfax County: 703-383-8368 (Fairfax County repairs are done by VA Dept. of Trans.)


MD Highway Administration: 800-323-6742 or www.Roads.Maryland.gov/oots/RoughRide.pdf


Montgomery County: 240-777-0311 or call 311 while physically in Montgomery County


Prince George's County: 301-499-8520 x 2


VA Dept. of Transportation: 800-367-ROAD (800-367-7623) or 703-383-8368


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