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Employee Benefits Program

Because every employee is an important member of our team, we provide one of the best benefits packages in the industry. Please read below for detailed information on the great benefits that we offer.

$100 Gift Certificate

Every Temporaries Now employee that is interviewed in our office and hired directly by one of our clients, through our firm, as a regular employee will receive a $100 gift certificate.


$50 Gift Certificate

Every Temporaries Now employee hired, while temping through our firm, by one of our clients will receive a $50 gift certificate.


Free $10.00 Gift Certificates Every Month

Once each month, we give $10.00 in gift certificates (Starbucks, AMC Theaters, Shell Gas, Macy's, Target, Baskin-Robbins, Best Buy, etc.) to all working temps!


Direct Deposit

At no cost to you, Temporaries Now will gladly provide direct deposit service for you, to the U.S. financial institution of your choice.


Vacation Pay

You can earn up to two weeks per year!


Holiday Pay

Eligible temps receive holiday pay for the following days: New Years, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Sick Leave

Yes, we pay sick leave, too!


Free Costco Membership

We even have temps getting free Costco one-year memberships, good at any of the 433 Costco's nationwide.


Free Health Letter Subscription

Once each month, we distribute a free copy of the current issue of a well-known Health Letter and a "top performance" newsletter to every working employee.


Free Eyeglasses Savings

For discounted eyeglasses and frames via computer, go where Dale Abrams goes: www.ZenniOptical.com.


Free Credit Union Membership

Once you start working for us, you're eligible to join our credit union and receive free checking, low interest loans, great savings plans and more.


Temporary of the Month Award

Each month, each Temporaries Now office selects a "Temporary Employee of the Month" who receives $100 cash; a huge, premium tote bag full of gourmet goodies; and special recognition. This is an employee who has represented Temporaries Now in an outstanding manner, based on a variety of criteria, including skills, initiative, flexibility, availability, attitude, length of service, and client evaluations.


Referral Bonuses

You can earn a $200 bonus if you refer a new employee who works with Temporaries Now, Inc. for 200 hours. Additionally, you can receive a $200 bonus for referring a new client who uses our service for 100 hours.


Merit Increases

You may be eligible for pay raises based on outstanding performance and longevity after completing 750 hours at a single assignment!



Our lawyer forced us to say this: The details of the above benefits will be made available once you become an employee of Temporaries Now. These benefits do not constitute an agreement of any kind, and our firm may add benefits, or remove or modify benefits at any time, with or without prior notice.

As of December 1, 2016

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