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The CTS after our names stands for Certified Temporary-Staffing Specialist. The designation is earned by passing a written test overseen and updated by the National Association of Personnel Services. Like virtually all other professional certifications, it comes with an ongoing requirement of continuing education. The CTS designation reflects our commitment to uphold the highest ethical, legal and professional standards of the staffing industry, and provide you with the peace of mind that comes with such knowledge, training and experience.


Dale Abrams, CTS, Chairman and C.E.O.


A Washington, D.C. native, Dale possesses a B.S. degree with dual majors in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science; the majors blend perfectly with his 40 years of seasoned business practice. His prior experience includes Chief Operating Officer of a $15 million wholesale produce firm and President of a $75 million service firm, which was a division of a billion dollar public company.


His industry expertise includes serving as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) for over four years, from 1997-2001. During his tenure there, he received awards for his first year of board service, his work on the ethics committee and outstanding leadership in committee chairmanship. Dale was instrumental in strengthening the NAPS Code of Ethics, giving our clients more protection than any other industry trade association. He felt this was necessary to protect both the clients our industry depends upon, and the integrity and reputation of the industry itself.


As the founder and owner of this firm, Dale's commitment to quality placements is the foundation of our excellent reputation. He created our unique ethics code which forbids us from making a placement that does not meet all of the needs of the client. His extensive Management and Human Resource experience is why he is able to readily come up with alternatives for otherwise intractable staffing problems. Finally, he never rests in pursuing continual improvement in the quality of service we provide to all of our wonderful clients and candidates.


In his spare time, Dale is a jazz drummer and loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking and biking. In fact, he is a Lifetime Member of the following organizations:

* American Hiking Society (since 1981)

* Appalachian Mountain Club (since 1983)

* Appalachian Trail Conservancy (since 1982)

* League of American Bicyclists (since 1990)

* Pacific Crest Trail Association (since 1994)

* Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (since 1981)

* Washington Area Bicyclist Association (since 1991)

* Rails to Trails Conservancy (since 1994 - their very first Lifetime Member)


Dale is the Immediate Past Chairman of the Children of Tibet Trust Foundation, a local nonprofit helping the children of Tibet with education, vocational training, conservation, and ecology. He remains actively involved in assisting the organization.


As the founder and owner of this firm, Dale's commitment to quality placements is the foundation of our excellent reputation.





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