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For Over 24 years, the nation's finest and most respected supplier of
quality people to America's premier firms.

What Makes Us Unique?
Here are seven things that nobody else does:
  1. At least two (usually three) professionals from our staff interview every candidate.
  2. We use an in-house Intelli-Check device to verify the validity of every Driver's License and Military I.D.

  3. We verify the accuracy of the highest academic degree accomplishment or study level listed by every applicant.

  4. We verify that the social security number given by our candidate is really theirs.

  5. We administer a Myers-Briggs assessment to every applicant, review the results with them, and give them a booklet on their preference "type".

  6. For over 23 years, we have been authorized by the U.S. Government to provide employees that meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information.

  7. We provide staffing solutions for entry-level to Executive Level professionals at distinguished organizations across the Nation and the World.


Our Mission Statement
We place the finest candidates
with the best organizations
while upholding the highest professional standards and ethics.


Gaskins Search Group and Temporaries Now are America's premier providers of highly skilled professionals.




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